From today onwards I’m going to start a new category of blog posts as well, Python. From this post I’m going to give an introduction to python programming language.



Python, is a general purpose programming language mostly used in scripting. Because of python’s heavy use in scripting roles, somebody could introduce it as a scripting language as well. Python can be used under procedural, functional and Object Oriented paradigms as well. This

shows the vast area covered by the python language. You can download python from this link for Windows, UNIX, MAC and for other OS’s,

In UNIX distributions, python is installed by default. So if you are a UNIX user, you can start coding python from right now.


Yes, there are so many programming languages in todays context such as JAVA, C, C++, C# and many more. But why one million plus users nowadays use python. Below I have listed some of the reasons why python has become popular over time.

  1. Software quality
  2. Developer productivity
  3. Program portability
  4. Supporting libraries
  5. Component Integration
  6. Easy to learn
  7. Platform independent
  8. Less number of codes
  9. Support Object Orientation
  10. Free

Here I have listed the main reasons why python has become so much popular, to come to the 10 most popular programming languages nowadays.


When talking about the ability of python to change according to the problem domain, it’s awesome. Here I have listed what we can do using Python,

  1. Systems programming
  2. GUI
  3. Internet scripting
  4. Component integration
  5. Database programming
  6. Rapid prototyping
  7. Numeric and scientific programming
  8. Gaming
  9. Animation movies
  10. Robotics and etc.

When looking at those points it seems to be python is every where.


From the above paragraph I talked about the areas where the python is heavily used. So let’s look at the giants of each field who use python,

  1. Google’s web search system
  2. you tube video sharing service
  3. Drop box storage service
  4. EVE on line gaming system
  5. Raspberry pi
  6. BitTorrent file sharing system
  7. Pixar movie production company
  8. IronPort email server
  9. Maya, 3D modeling application
  10. NASA for scientific programming and etc.

All the giant’s of each filed is using python, this shows the importance of python in today’s world.


When we write a python code, we called it as the source code. we can write a python code using any of your favorite text editors. After typing the code you can save it with the ‘.py‘ extension. So when we try to execute this source code first of all it will compiled in to a byte code with the extension of ‘.pyc‘. Then this byte code will be interpreted to give the output. This interpretation is happening inside the ‘Python Virtual Machine (PVM)‘.


Because of this compilation procedure before the execution, there is a performance decrease in the process of execution. This is the only drawback of python as I found. However when the first time we execute a python program it will be compiled into the byte code and it will be saved to be used for another time as well. When the second time if you execute the same program,

  1. If it is not updated since the last compilation
  2. If it uses the same version as it previously compiled

Then instead of compiling again, it will uses the previous byte code to make performance increase.


There are some alternatives to default python, which are more efficient and support different languages.

  1. CPython : This is the default one
  2. JPython : Python for JAVA
  3. IronPython : Python for .net
  4. Stackless : Python for concurrency
  5. PyPy : Improved the efficiency, speed

I hope you have got an idea about the Python programming language and are interested to start coding. Then see you soon with another post in Python. Thank You!


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